casts: Oscar,Kevin,Jan erik , Martin , Raymond ,peter Rediger

Guy who found the clips/episodes to dub: oscar,Kevin Rediger

Programs used: HyperCam2 , MS movie maker , Paint , Macromedia flash pro 8 , Google TranslateRediger

Logo by: Oscar Rediger

Crox Studios Logo is made and print in paint MS 2009, 2010 logo in Macromedia 8. Copy is not allowed to other Companies or Limiteds.

English Texts by: Oscar,Kevin Rediger

Offical Website: CroxDubbs Wikia 2008

Made in: Spain , Norway , America,denmark,sweden 2008 - 2010 Rediger

Places of contact Rediger

SND episodes created in Nerja spain 2008-09 Postman pat episodes made in Norway 08-10 Arthur Episodes made in Sweden,norway 09-10 Crox dubbs wiki Development team made found in New Jersey,New york city, USA 2010